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The Blessed Family: In Marriage & Relationships SERIES The Blessed Family: In Marriage & Relationships

The Lord has not just a one-dimensional, but complete set of…

The Blessed Family: In Parenting & Work SERIES The Blessed Family: In Parenting & Work

The Lord has much wisdom to challenge us to the next level in…

The Blessed Family: In Priorities SERIES The Blessed Family: In Priorities

What we prioritize is what really matters. Check out God's invite…

The Blessed Family: In Worship SERIES The Blessed Family: In Worship

Part of walking in God's blessing is faithfulness with Jesus…


The Blessed Family

We want to be blessed not only as hearers of the Word of God but doers also. This applies as families or future families.

You Asked For It!

Learn more about God's will for us as Christians in 21st century American issues of our time.

Building Families Gods Way - Haggai

When you live in a culture ignoring God you have to work at staying focused. This series is for you in our time, from Haggai.

2016 Guest Trent Dagen

Youth Pastor @ TLC Trent Dagen brings a message on Jacob's story.

Scandalous Series

Be different. The world's vs. God's way to live is completely divergent. The Lord offers a clear path through the letter of 1st John.

2016 Guest Josh Kasselman

Our worship & creative arts pastor Josh Kasselman brings a great message on Being Authentic.

The Power of Prayer

Do you long to have an assurance your prayers are as effective as they should be? This is explores God's challenges for your prayer life.

Double Dog Dare You

Double Dog Dare You? The world offers dares and God offers challenges, which one will you choose in your life?

The Promiser

Check out these messages on God's good promises to you in Jesus Christ from the apostle Paul's 2nd letter to the Thessalonians.

Saving Face on Facebook

Winning on social media looks different than what the world does. Let's examine God's truth and apply it to this area of our lives.

The Right Stuff: Relationships

What is relationship success God's way? The Book of Proverbs yields true wisdom. Check out this series for real life help.

2016 Guest Speaker

Weekend Conference, Pt III. Guest speaker Jared Allen brings a message from Matthew's Gospel.

Not Fearing the Times

In uncertain times we have a certain Savior Jesus, who promises many good things for us as his people. Tune in!

Christmas Traditions

Living Christian virtues because of Christmas.

2015 Guest Speakers

A selection of guest speakers from worship.


God wants you and I to have abundant life. How do we have that? In this series we hear practical ways from Jesus to live an abundant life.

Game Plan

Getting a Game Plan for the Game of Life

Life Kit

Be set free from unhealthy decisions made in fear, love of stuff, or anxiety in this series!


What is God's next step for you?

I Believe

We often ask: 'why do we believe ____?' This series tackles those great questions.

Are You Building or Burning Bridges?

Learn what God has to say on building relationships of value.

Forgiveness: the real dirty word

Bringing up forgiveness is not done much in polite company. But it is God's way to restore and to give you joy again.

Staying in Love

Relationships that last are built on God's grace and truth. Get the insight you need in this series. Luke chapter 11.

Solutions to Your Resolutions

There are so many things to commit to the Lord in 2015. Don't miss some valuable truth on God's blessings in the year ahead.

Seeing Through the Trees

God has gifted you to serve in a unique way in his church. Learn about God's call in 2015, and also hear about God's blessing.

Guest Preacher

Grow in faith, walk with Christ.

Jesus: Messenger of the Lord

Don't let modern American Christmas get you down! Get revved up by the true meaning of Christmas in this series.

Pound the Ground

Ever want more than average? Jesus calls us to an exceptional life. What does this look like? Check out Pound the Ground.

Lay Pastoral Team

Be sure to hear from our lay pastors as they bring the message of God's truth for you.

Needing a Word from God

Do you need a word from God on something? This series has some great truths out of Luke's Gospel on that issue.

Partnering for the Gospel

How to Have Joy Partnering with Others for the Gospel

Your Best Summer Ever

Jesus has some great truth for getting to where you need to be. Don't miss it!


Do you ever wonder what is Jesus' view of what you face? How can you help others and live in blessing God's way? Listen in.

Lessons from the Lakes

Jesus did much of his teaching near several lakes. In this series for our area, we encounter fresh challenges from Jesus in Luke's Gospel.

Reaching Out

God calls you and me to reach out with God's love. This is despite fears, hang-ups, and excuses. Learn how it works best.

Relationship Victory: Wisdom from Solomon

Do you want to have a successful relationship, one of victory, rather than one of defeat? This is for you! King Solomon has truth for you.

The Office

Is work seeming like drudgery sometimes rather than blessing? Check out wisdom from King Solomon for your life in this series.

Walking with Jesus

Do you want to make 2014 a year to honor Jesus in your life? Check these messages out!

Prep for The King, Not Just a Tree

Sundays in December 2013 we are hearing how to share the truth & love of Jesus with friends as people in general look forward to Christmas!

Healthy Habits for Life!

What kind of habits are you building in your walk with Jesus? There are some you should build and some you should break, join us Sundays.

Being Shoulders Others Can Stand On

Who is watching your faith? Set the example you want to and God calls you to.